No one was ever honored for what they received. Honor was the reward for what they gave.
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PostSubject: ~TRee   ~TRee EmptyTue Mar 08, 2011 2:46 pm

Who: ‘ello my name is TRee, yes the T and the R are capital letters on purpose. =p No it’s not my real name. I’m sorry, I will not disclose my real name, it has bad memories attached and I’d rather be called TRee. And YES, TRee is actually my Real Life nickname, although if you are in a Skype call with me you might hear my parents call me monkey (an old nickname from when I was like 5 years old or around there.) If you feel you must know a name then use Dantae DeHuett for it is a name I made up LONG ago for a LARP (Live Action Role Play) I used to be a part of. Currently I am 25, birthday is in March, just past. Hoot! go Pisces. =D. I see myself as a spoiled little girl that gets majority of the things she wants. Dad asked me what type vehicle I wanted, I told him a truck and he gave me a 4-wheel drive, v-8 Dodge Dakota.

What: For the time being all I really do is play Shaiya. I quit my job after breaking up with the ex-fiancée, and moved back home with my mommy and daddy. Very rarely I can be found playing a game called Minecraft (it’s kinda like building bloxs on the computer) .

When: I have been playing Shaiya since October of 2010. I had joined another guild before Legion of Justice, and quickly became an officer. A few things drove myself and other guildies away, and we decided to band together and create Legion of Justice. Which was created March 6, 2011.

Where: Currently I live in Texas, with my mommy and daddy. Due to Lack of a Job, and no longer with the ex, dad said I could move back home. So here I am living in my old room.

Why: I get addicted to video games relatively easy. Mom says my family has the addictive trait. =p. I used to play a game called Runescape. My addiction to that game caused me to fail 3 of my 4 college courses. Then the ex-fiancée (was with him at the time) talked me into playing World of Warcraft (back in vanilla wow). I played that game until about 2 weeks or so before Cataclysm came out. I lived with most of the changes they did to the game (most of the changes dumbed down the game) until I finally got fed up with them adding something one week just to change it or get rid of it entirely the next. Fed up with that game (which btw I had a lvl 70 priest, 69 hunter, 65 mage, 65 druid, 70 shaman, and a few others) FOR THE HORDE!! Quit playing that and was looking for a new game to play.. did a google search for games and found Shaiya. It seemed interesting so I downloaded it. Been playing ever since!

How: You might hear me complain of my slow loading screens. I’m pretty sure it’s due to me playing on a laptop. My personal laptop is currently a Dell Inspiron 1525. More or less custom built off the Dell website… (I kinda was able to say yeah I want this in it, the better one of these, no not really that one… etc.) When need be I do have another laptop at my disposal, but it is my daddy’s and older than mine, and also it likes to blue screen. x.x

Random other tidbits of information about me: I am a very emotional person, and quite empathetic. I like all animals; currently we have 2 cats, a dog and a turtle. Favorite animal of all times is a turtle, if you want to hear the story behind that, ask me. Favorite color is GREEN. Favorite pattern is camouflage (hints the TRee nickname. =p). I have undiagnosed Insomnia and OCD, it’s undiagnosed because I haven’t seen a doctor over it. But I am fairly certain I have OCD because of the random things I catch myself doing, and for the Insomnia, just check in guild 85% of the time I’d probably be on one of my characters. =p. I blame my mother for the reason I call everyone sunshine. She answers her phone that way and it always makes me smile, and so I started calling everyone sunshine. So don’t be offended or whatever if I call you sunshine… I call everyone that. =D. Then again, that doesn’t mean you’re not special. I’m sure there is more about me that I could tell ya’ll but then what would we discuss later on down the road? =p.

Have fun ya’ll!! If there is anything you need to talk to someone about, I’m almost always around and am willing to listen, although sometimes it’s hard to heal and reply in a reasonable time frame. I can be found on Skype via the name tree.vaporeon

(>**)> d(^.^)b <(**<)
~Your Guild Leader~
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