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 Guild Ranking Battle Guide

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PostSubject: Guild Ranking Battle Guide   Guild Ranking Battle Guide EmptySat Mar 19, 2011 12:25 pm

Here is a link that displays the Portals used and where the Bosses are located. This should help you navigate your way from high level area's to lower and vice versa. The link is:
(It is under Other Maps, and 4th one down under that subsection)

Everybody and I mean EVERYBODY needs to attend and here's why:
1. If we get rank 14, we get our very own blacksmith with a higher chance of linking lapis.

2. The better the score we get in GRB, the higher our rank becomes showing the rest of Teos light how good we are and the effort we have put into the guild.

3. The guild house itself. If we do not make rank we don't have access to our Guild Warehouse or the Gatekeepers.

4. The gatekeepers are a major source of transportation. All you have to do when we have guild house is use a guild house teleport stone, and then go to your destination. This makes it faster because it can be done from anywhere on a map, not just towns.

We need to get groups ready for killing and make sure everyone knows what they are doing. How well we plan has a lot to do with how efficient we are in GRB. That's why it is imperative that all members be in the GMO and ready to go 30 minutes ahead of GRB starting!

Items for GRB:
1. Grape Ice Cream - Increase run speed, this helps gather mobs quicker and group them together to take down easier and faster. It also helps higher levels who have to run to lower level area's. So this should be on everybody's shopping list and an item in your inventory for GRB.

2. Potions are not recommended, they are NECESSARY. You will need HP and SP for fighters, rangers, and defenders. Priests and Mages will need MP with HP as well in case of emergency. If you have to sit, its wasting time.

3. Gear - make sure you're not using weak gear (if you have a choice), these mobs will HURT you if you're not adequately geared.

[Optional] Melon Ice Cream. This helps with your attack speed and may be helpful. For Priests and Mages, this decreases the time it takes to get off spells (ex. heals).

The priests main job is to concentrate on tank, so please stick with your groups tank. There job isn't to run off and try to save someone doing there own thing cause that is not how GRB is set up. We have to work as an organized team.

Don't leave or just stand around. This doesn't yield us any points. Remember, the whole point to GRB is to help your guild out trying to achieve the best rank we can possibly get. I know that GRB may become boring killing the same mobs over and over. But keep in mind that this is 1 hr a week that we ask you to help the guild out.

IF YOU DIE - Don't hit okay. Type in party chat you need a rez so that a priest in your area can come and res you. If you're UM and the 60+ bosses are not down, then you won't be able to be rez'd by the priest as they will be working on the 60+ boss. If you rez because you don't receive a rez in time, you will be teleported to the GMO and unable to re-enter GRB on that toon. This doesn't mean you can't come back into the GRB on another toon and rejoin the Union. The Union is always Auto-join. (You have to be in the union for the SS's for guild points as well and it allows us to stick you with a group, which is better then acting as an individual.)

DO NOT ENCROACH ON ANOTHER GROUPS MOBS! This results in many things and always a negative impact in points. Stay in your assigned area and keep it clean.

1-15 AREA:
The 1-15 area is about 10,000 of our guilds earned GRB points. The mobs in 1-15 are quick with fast respawn times (not to mention also being the most in point value). So the goal is to get as big of a mob as you can to kill, & kill this mob quickly. More creatures in 1 mob = faster points cause they all spawn back at the same time, and your not wasting time trying to kill others creatures because you did not pull them. This is a key area to us making a good rank, along with holding rank.

The 1-15 area has 3 spawn points.
1. As you enter the 1-15 area from the 1-15 portal to the top of the hill.
2. Running up the hill from the portal on the Right Side.
3. Running up the hill from the portal on the Left Side.

1. Everybody in the 1-15 area should clear the Mob's. Then kill the Boss "Sirvana". We may send a person we know that can take down Sirvana so nobody dies in the process. This same person may also be the toon you follow around from 16-30 to 1-15 if you don't know the way and also so you don't die in the process.

After killing Sirvana, go back to killing all the Mob's in 1-15. This is usually accomplished by us having 2-3 groups killing in this area.

Group #1 kills the mobs on the "Right" side of the hill as you're running up the hill from the portal. Left side if running into 1-15 from 16-30. This is a 2 pull side.

Group #2 kills the mobs on the "Left" side of the hill as you're running up the hill from the portal. Right side of the hill as you run into 1-15 from 16-30. This is best done in 1 pull.

Group #3 if we have one will be from the portal to the top of the hill. If we have enough people for a whole new group in this section. If we don't, the Group 1 should take over this spot as well as their own due to only having 1 pull up top to do.

**Exception** If we don't have enough people for 3 groups, 1 group with good DPS can take the whole top area. A few people (in some cases 1, probably 2) will take down the hill. If there not enough to this even, 1 group with good DPS that is prepared can take all pulls n still wait on spawns.

The best group that we can have here is a Priest, a Tanker (I personally prefer fighters due to them having the AoE's but Defenders and Battle-Priests do the same) to round up, and then be DPS Chars to knock them all down fast.

The orange Dispel potions cure roots so if you do not have a priest, those are your best friend. (even if you do have a priest, keep them on you if your the tank, they are handy).

16-30 AREA:
Depending on the situation, we will have 1 or 2 groups who start killing in the 16-30 area. This can also be determined by who we have that can tank this due to needing fairly decently built gear to tank at lv 30.

The 16-30 has 2 main areas that can be covered if we have 2 adequate tanks available. The first section is from the portal to the bend, then from the bend to right before the archer mobs of 16-30.

Another group will take out the boss Silvanus (an able Fighter and a priest or 2). This allows us to get higher lvl toons (31+) into the lower areas after Pantera and Ephilios are down.

The healer(s) needed for Silvanus after the boss is down go and help in 16-30 or 1-15 depending on the situation. If it is covered, we may have them switch up onto higher toons (if possible) to help in the 31-70 area or onto other toons to help us in the lower areas. Any of these might be open so if you know your going to Silvanus and not sure afterward, get in contact with us before GRB starts (and give us more time then 2 minutes to answer questions).

31-70 Area:
Another group ( or 2, number of people will determine) of people who are either close to lvl 60 or over lvl 60 will concentrate just on taking out the Mob's in the 31-70 area. They need a High Level Priest who can keep the fighter/tank from being Stunned and toss some heals at him, although, just as with any other tank, he will need some pots on him to help.

If there is not a High Level Priest to accompany you here, the yellow Abolishing potions are a must.

The 2 main sections in this area are from the portal to the bend, and from the bend to the field where Pantera resides (or right before the archer mobs begin).

Both Sirvana and Silvanus must be down before the 31-70 group (that is going to the lower areas) can take down Ephilios which allows high levels into the lower areas.

High Level Bosses:
1. Pantera
2. Eiphilios

The ones killing Eiphilios can not go back to the high areas. Therefore, they go to the 16-30 area or 1-15, depending on situation, and kill everything in sight there. These ones killing Eiphilios usually have pre-destined areas to go to.

That is all the info I have at this time. More may be added. Please, if you have questions or comments, post your reply below.

Last edited by Stellion on Wed Jun 22, 2011 12:01 am; edited 5 times in total (Reason for editing : Clearer Information)
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PostSubject: Re: Guild Ranking Battle Guide   Guild Ranking Battle Guide EmptySun May 01, 2011 7:19 am

The following is a link to the GRB map along with the points each mob gives. check it out and hope it helps for GRB.

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Guild Ranking Battle Guide
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