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 Tuga's Guide on How To Get Free Aeria Points (no, no surveys/offers)

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PostSubject: Tuga's Guide on How To Get Free Aeria Points (no, no surveys/offers)   Fri Jun 03, 2011 7:35 pm

Table of Contents

I -
**PLEASE READ THIS** Things you need to know
II - Introduction
III - How does this work and to whom is it meant for?
IV - Getting Started
V - Advices

I - Things you need to know ( Even if you don't want to read/follow the guide but want to comment )

I would like to state some facts that you will need to know before anything to avoid some commentaries or some prior judgment.

- There will be no such things as subscribing to offers or completing surveys or even giving out your phone number.
- You will not be borrowing anything to anyone and you will start from zero. There will be no need to invest your real money, although it is possible, I don't recommend it.
- This is LEGAL, I will refer to this later.
- It’s a rather slow process in the beginning and is also a long term kind of thing so, it is required some patience from your part. This is not an instantaneous process so if you don't want to wait this won't do it for you. It will take at least a month before you can really start working your way through this ( wich doesn’t mean that you won't have already some APs before the end of the first month ). Keep in mind that throughout your early times with this you will only be dealing with a few bucks but if you keep at it, it will pay off.
- You will only be working with US Dollars. Don't worry if you are not in the US or don't use that money. It’s not relevant for this.
- It's very simple. There's nothing complex about it and I will be giving instructions and advices. I will also answer all questions you may have.
- It is absolutely NOT cheating. You will acquire Aeria Points normally: paying. Don't worry because you will not actually spend a 'real' cent. If you read the guide you will understand what I'm talking about.
- I will be giving some calculations throughout the guide and for that I will assume the following:
- You are active every day.
- You have an average of 4 clicks a day.
- Your referrals have an average of 4 clicks a day.
- Regarding the features I will give I assume you have a normal member account.
- The only thing you have to do to get this going is spend 5 minutes or less per day on your pc but if you can't it's ok, you can still do this, just not that effectively.
- Read the whole guide first before attempting to do anything.

II - Introduction

I am known here and in the game as Tuga. My main toon is Tuga_Priest. I decided to do this guide because I have seen many, many people asking for AP stuff and how to get it and because the in-game prices for that kind of stuff are astronomical. In my idea it's unfair playing such a great game for someone who can't have Aeria Points mostly because it makes virtually impossible to rival with people who can have. This becomes crystal-clear in pvp. I decided to post it only here, on the guild forum, so you will not find it anywhere else. I did this with the hope that some players follow this guide and get APs to become better and consequently help the guild in GRB in the future. Those were the main reasons for me to propose such guide.

III - How does this work and to whom is it meant for?

This guide is focused on people With an absent/very low budget to spend on Aeria Points or people who can't have a paycheck yet and/or don't have an Aeria store nearby to get AP cards. Actually, in my country ( Portugal ), Aeria stores don't even exist, as far as I know. This doesn't mean that if you do have money to spend on AP that you can't do this. Actually, I would start doing this to save such money for other things. Now, the process itself doesn’t 'give out' APs. This is actually a way to generate money online wich then is used to pay for APs. If someone actually follows this guide and invest time doing what it says you will start to make a reasonable amount of money wich can be used not only to buy APs but also stuff from e-bay, for example. Again, it's LEGAL and simple. It is not a secret, many of you may already know about this but I decided to put it here so that those people who can't have APs manage to afford a UM, for example, and later on some other stuff ( if they don't already know about it ). Putting it simply: this is about clicking in ads, getting paid for it and use that money to get Aeria Points ( Very Happy )

IV - Getting Started

- Making money

As said before you will start by making some money online. How? PTC sites. To whoever isn't familiarized with the term it stands for Paid To Click sites. Basically you get paid to click on ads that such sites have displayed online. You don't have to do anything else. Just click, view the ad for a few seconds and that’s it ( this will be explained way better further down ). Now if you are going to make money online and pay things with that money you will need a payment processor. The only one currently available to do this is PayPal. You will need to have a PayPal account, so if you don't already have one, you can subscribe for free here:

Be sure to select your country. As I have said before, you will be working with US dollars. If you are from another country, for example from Portugal, where the money is in Euros, your account will receive the money in US dollars but will not be converted unless you choose to. I advise not to convert it because PayPal charges a fee for it. Just leave it in US dollars and it will be fine.

Some of you might have noticed that PayPal keeps nagging people to verify their accounts. In order to do that a credit card is needed wich complicated things for me when I started doing this. It is not a must, you can leave it unverified. There are a few disadvantages such as a limit to the money you can send and receive with it. Don't worry the limit is huge and it will restart every year. Another thing I discovered in my researches is that many companies just don't accept payments from unverified accounts and I spent over 3 hours reading the terms and conditions of Aeria billings to discover no single reference to payments with such accounts. Then I researched Aeria Forums and saw an actual and direct answer saying that they do accept ( yeey ).
About the legal aspects of this scheme: an actual proof that such thing is legal is the fact that PayPal accepts payments from this kind of sites. PayPal wouldn't accept it if it was illegal, it’s in their policy. So, no problems here.

- PTC's

This is where I spent a lot of hours researching. There are tons of PTC's on the internet but almost all are fake. Let me first introduce you in the basics of PTC. When you subscribe to a PTC you will have an account wich will receive a certain number of ads per day. To make money you just go to the ads section, click on one, wait a few seconds, close the ad and a certain amount of money will be added to your account IN THAT PTC site. Because the money is within your PTC account, it's worthless there and that’s why PayPal is needed. There usually is a minimum payout value wich means that you can only withdraw the money to your PP account once you have reached that amount so don't think you can withdraw every time you reach 10 cents ( it wouldn't be recommended even if you could, I will explain why on the advices section ). The minimum payout usually is 2 US dollars. In such sites there is something called referrals. Referrals can be of two types: direct and rented. Direct referrals are people you get to join the site through your link therefore giving you a bonus. Rented referrals are an investment you make ( will explain later ).
Now if you are wondering how this can generate money I will explain, it's rather simple: a PTC site makes an agreement to some company that wants to advertise some product. The company can sell more of that product the more advertisement it has. So the company pays the PTC site to advertise ( wich is an investment ) their ad on the site and the PTC guarantees that they will get a lot of views to their ad. How? Because they pay you to view the ad with the money that they have received to put the ad on their site. Well at least a part of it. That’s pretty much it. Many PTC's end up to be fake because of the administrators’ greed. You keep clicking on ads and once you reach the minimum payout your account is banned and your money transferred probably to the administrator ( yes, they can do that ).

From the research I have made I picked out two of the best PTC's both free:

OnBux, wich you can join through here:

The features of this PTC are:

- 0.005 to 0.01 cents per ad
- minimum of 4 ads a day
- minimum payout of 2 US dollars
- rented referrals cost 0.25 each
- Membership upgradable


OnBux as fallen into the SCAM PTC sites list so don't bother looking into it.
In fact, recently it has been unavailabe.
NeoBux seems to be the only long lasting, slow but guarenteed, real PTC.


NeoBux, wich you can join through here:

The features of this PTC are:

- 0.001 to 0.01 cents per day
- minimum of 9 ads a day
- minimum payout of 2 US dollars that increases each time you make a payout by 1 US dollar until the minimum payout reaches 10 US dollars
- rented referrals cost 0.20 each
- Neo Points
- Membership upgradable

I would appreciate if you could join through those links and become my referral since I'm sharing this with you. There is no way being a referral of anyone could affect you in any circumstance. Smile

V - Advices ( And also a kind of question - answer thing )

- My strategy to work with OnBux

Here I advise you to rent referrals as soon as you can and keep on renting. Each time a rented referral clicks an ad, you get 0.005 for it. You can buy a pack of three for 0.75 cents so:
- You can get 0.76 cents in 19 days, assuming each ad is worth 0.01 cent.


Again, I remember:

- I will be giving some calculations throughout the guide and for that I will assume the following:
- You are active every day.
- You have an average of 4 clicks a day.
- Your referrals have an average of 4 clicks a day.


- If you rent 3 referrals there, you will have left 0.01 cent
- Your referrals will then get you an amount of 0.06 cents per day plus your 0.04 per day makes 0.10 per day.
- You will have 0.81 cents after 8 days counting from when you last rented. You can rent 3 more again and will be left with 0.06 cents.
- Now your daily income will be of 0.16 cents per day.
- After 5 days you will have 0.80 cents again. Unfortunately, we can only rent a pack each 7 days.


But you get the idea. The referrals last for 30 days, after that time you can choose to lose them or pay more 0.75 cents to keep them. You can also extent their rent for a given amount of days. Keep this in mind. I advise to only withdraw your money when not close to the end of the time of any referral because you could lose some and then you would have to start over.

After 30 days past your registration you are now able to get direct referrals. Direct referrals work the same way as rented ones except you don't have to pay to keep them. Just give your link to your friends or family and have them register ( Very Happy ).

- My strategy to work with NeoBux

NeoBux might seem worthless as most of his ads only pay 0.001 cents. Not quite. The Neo Points feature is very good because you can convert such points into almost everything: money to rent referrals, getting a gold member account, and so on. You gain 1 Neo Point for each ad you click. Use this as you like. I advise also to try and get rented referrals when you can but aim more for direct referrals here first. Expect to NOT have much money until you can have direct referrals, only then you can start having more and getting rented ones. You can only have direct referrals after one month. And how to get direct referrals? Tell your friends! Tell your friends to tell their friends! Here you not only gain money through the people referred under you, you gain money from people referred under your referrals too! It’s a pyramid scheme. Again, there is no way being a referral of anyone could affect you in any circumstance. The most probable thing is that you are a rented referral of someone and don't even know about it xD.

- About PayPal and E-Bay

I said before you could use the money you make from On and Neobux to pay for things on E-Bay. Although this is true, I recommend the people that have unverified accounts to speak with the person selling the stuff and ask if they accept payments from such accounts. There could be problems like: you pay for some stuff on e-bay, the seller receives the money, verifies it comes from an unverified account, keeps the money and doesn't give you your stuff. He has the right to do this so I would talk with the seller first.

- Only 2 PTC's?

Well I only use those 2 but feel free to use as many as you want. Just keep an eye open for fakes. One good way to spot a fake is to look for the existence of a forum. The fake ones usually don't have those because they are constantly blocking and banning accounts thus preventing people to make up to date comments. If they do have a forum, check it. Look for the most recent messages, if they are few or too old, it’s a fake.

- Paying for Aeria Points with an unverified PayPal account

When you do finally have the money you can get your APs. Choose the 'PayPal Express' option. You can only buy a minimum of 300 APs with 3 dollars. Keep in mind that between the instant you pay and the instant you actually receive the APs can pass 7 to 15 days, so don't panic if you see your money disappearing but no APs. Just wait a few days.

- Paying for Aeria Points with a verified PayPal account

The payment is instantaneous and your APs will be on your account in seconds. Just be sure to have the money needed in your PP account or otherwise your credit card will be charged.

- Viewing ads

When you click on an ad, a new browser window will appear, wich is the ad, and a little bar will start running on top of the page. When the bar is full you get the confirmation you got the money and you can close the ad. On OnBux you still have to choose complete a captcha before being credited. One thing that I have been seeing is that on OnBux many times I open an ad and the bar doesn't start running! If that happen keep pressing refresh until the bar starts filling. If the bar fills and you get an error message, it's because the ad expired.

- Rented referrals aren't giving you any profit?

Some rented referrals don't give you any profit for the simple reason that they don't click anything! Don't worry, as far as I know all PTCs have a feature called Referral recycling and it is used exactly for this situation. Check your rented referrals clicks and if the average of them is bellow 1.5 just recycle them. Recycle costs 0.08 cents in OnBux ( not sure how much in NeoBux because I don't own rented referrals there yet ) but it’s worth it if the referral isn't clicking. But don't just recycle after 2 days! Give them time, 5 or 6 days at least, and then check their average.
There could be another reason: you have to click at least in 4 ads per day in order to receive full profits from your referrals from that day.

- Always keep track of your every move

Make a .txt file where you can write down the changes you make to your accounts. Referral Renting, Recycling, Monthly income and so on. I even make graphics in excel ( monthly ) with the outcome and income to make sure I’m gaining money and not losing it. There is no point is spending more money renting referrals if they don't surpass that expense right?

- Are there any other ways of making online money kinda like this?

Yes. There are PTSs ( Paid To Surf ), PTW ( Paid To Write ), PTR ( Paid To Read ), GPT ( Get Paid To do any kind of stuff ). However, most of them don't payout through PayPal and we really need PayPal because it's the only one in common between the Paid To Whatever and Aeria billing. Also PayPal policy doesn't allow the user to receive payments from such places so even if you find a, let’s say, PTS that pays out through PayPal, you would be probably have your account closed even when PP checks where the money came from.

That’s all there is. If you have any questions, comments or doubts don't hesitate.
I hope someone find this useful and actually gets to use it Razz
I apologize for my bad grammar and repeated words on most sentences, English is not my mother language.
Again, I thank all those people who join Onbux and NeoBux through the links given and become my referrals. Enjoy the free APs!

Be well Very Happy

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Tuga's Guide on How To Get Free Aeria Points (no, no surveys/offers)
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